Thursday, August 6, 2015

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year

What a great adventure we are about to begin!

There is so much to tell you!

First of all: supply list!
In addition, please bring one of the following:
2 boxes of tissues, disinfecting wipes, ream of white printer paper, or ziplock bags (any size)

Second: curriculum!
All the exciting things we will learn this year:
 Port Townsend
Landforms and Ancient Earth History
Environments / Ecosystems
Indigenous Peoples
Exploration and Colonization
Food and Nutrition
We the People (Civics and Government)
Math (I will be keeping both grades this year, hallelujah)

Third: Volunteers
Last year was a low point for volunteering in the Hansen Alternative Program.  Don't forget, we all signed up for this program agreeing to put in our fair share of volunteer hours.
I am determined to improve volunteer opportunities this year.
I will need the following positions filled:
Math Volunteers: every day of the week, people who can come in and do math with our kids.
Reading Volunteers: every day, people who will come in and read with our kids.
Classroom Coordinator: makes sure Mr. Samson has what he needs and asks parents for help, writes the monthly blurbs for the
Math Material Managers: a team of volunteers who can make copies, cut out pieces, make posters, etc. on a weekly basis.

Fourth: Overnight Field Trip
We are going to Port Townsend on October 7-9
Chaperone Deadline:  September 11th (let me know if you want to come along by then)
Itinerary: Tacoma Power Station, Jefferson County Historic Museum, Fort Flagler, Fort Warden, Port Townsend Marine Science Center, Chetzemokah Park, Wooden Boat Foundation.

Any questions?
phone: 360-359-2703 (if it is important, by all means, call me)


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