Monday, September 28, 2015

Classwork: Sept. 28th

POW: Coin Fractions (Friday)
Each week we have a problem (POW=problem of week)
How many fractions can we make if you only had five coins?  (ex:3 pennies = 3/100)

Poster of Me (Monday)
due already!

Addition Grid (Friday)
From notes in class.

Superhero Card  Deck (Friday)
Decorate a deck of cards to play "Superheroes", an addition game.

P.T. Final Draft (Friday)

Water Quality Notes (Friday)
We are going on a field trip in a few weeks (October 15th) to monitor the water quality in Green Cove Creek.

P.T. Perm. Slip (Friday)
Please see the email today for the Port Townsend Trip permission slip. 

Class photos on Wednesday, September 30th.  Order forms should be in the homework folder.

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