Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Assignments: February 8th

We are working big time on Food and Nutrition Unit.

We are making human body posters in teams.
We are researching what it takes to make a well balanced meal so that we can a) plan a menu for a day's worth of meals; b) analyze nutritional information from a restaurant in order to write an opinion letter about whether or not their food is any good.

We are plugging away at fractions.
This week we are making maps of a 30km river with landmarks at half-way, quarters, fifths, sixth, fifths and twelfths.  In addition, we are working on renaming fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers (and back) and more.

Big news, on Thursday, we are doing our second of our two water quality field trips. 

Optionally, if your kid (probably 5th graders) wants to go to the South Sound GREEN Congress, they have an essay to write: "Why is clean water important?"

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