Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Classwork: week of Feb. 1

I have changed a few things, due to a class meeting discussion about work.

First of all, the students said that due dates were stressing kids out too much.  So, we are just working on things until they are done.  Kids who finish early with all their work will do learning contracts to extend their learning in content related fields.

Second, we aren't doing math groups by grade level any more.  There was too much of a mix up.  Instead, we are all working on the best problems from the fourth and fifth grade curriculum.  I am giving daily lessons (number talks and problem strings) and then we follow up with some problems on related content.

This week, we are starting the Food and Nutrition unit:
  •  reading Food and Nutrition: take notes using the "Nutrient Table"
  • label and color diagrams of the human body systems
  • bring in three (or more) food labels containing ingredients and nutrition information.
 Please refer to the page on the entire unit:

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