Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I have reorganized the way we are doing both math and language arts.
We now rotate through stations for both subjects.  

MATH:  all of this work is kept in a math folder at school
Description of what they are doing at that station.
Word Work
Students are writing mind maps that define relationships between math vocabulary.
Problem of the Week
Students work to create solutions to challenging problems.
Mr. Jefts
Kiri's grandfather leads a small group, focusing on group-work and collaboration.
Independent work
Students are given assignments when they work with me or with Mr. Jefts.  They use the “I” time to complete this work.  After finishing, students should correct their work, or work ahead on pages from their unit.
Mr. Samson
I deliver a lesson, then give an assignment.
Work Places
Work places are part of Bridges; games designed to reinforce math skills.

LANGUAGE ARTS: these assignments are kept in their Homework Folder
Mr Samson
We set goals, discuss assignments, and work on specific skills related to classwork.
Word Journal
Students are listing ten words with a given prefixes.  Afterward, they add any ten words from any source. The goal? 20 words a week.
They are using the writing process to work on their choice writing piece.  They should be quietly engaged.  Laptops are available.
Independent Reading
Students can read their choice of book, but should pick a book that helps them work on their reading goals (think word journal).
Buddy Up
Students work on their fluency by reading quietly to another partner.
One of two sessions where students finish their notes on chapter 6.

This week, we are putting finishing touches on our letters to the restaurants.
We continue to improve our writing through voice activities.
We are beginning a unit on colonization, including reading and taking notes on Chapter 6 from Social Studies Alive.  Students are also beginning a group project about an American colony (Spanish; French; or British).

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