Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Science Fair!

Science Fair is Tuesday, June 7th!

To be ready, we are going to be writing up the lab report at school.
Each week, one step of the process is due.

The experiment itself is to be conducted at home.

It is never to early to buy a display board.

Please ask your student THIS WEEK what they plan to do.  If the project is dangerous (some want to light fires) or use human test subjects, I will require a permission slip.

Due Dates
Question:  due April 29th
Hypothesis: due May 6
Materials: due May 13th
Procedures (rough draft): due May 20th  + Experiment Completed
Data Table + Procedures (final draft): due May 27th
Conclusion: Due June 3rd
Poster Board Complete: due June 3rd
Science Fair: June 7th

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