Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Classwork: May 2nd

Social Studies
We have been studying the American Revolution.  This week we are reading chapter 13, writing down main ideas and key details, and evaluating weather or not those details were an advantage for the British or the Patriots.  We are also having "Trivia Battles" where students ask questions of each other based on their reading.

We are working on our science fair projects.  Students should have a question and an hypothesis by this Friday.  They should also check in with you to see if they have your permission to do their experiment at home.

Language Arts
Choice Piece #2 is past due
Choice Piece #3 is due at the end of the month.
Word Journal: 10 words containing "bio-" or "geo-" and 5 other choice words with their definitions.

$3 for snack food at Cispus
Pack your bag

Our students are working in groups named after famous Revolutionary War Heroes
Everyday, your student should have one or two pages of classwork/homework.

In addition we are doing "Math Menu".  This is an another attempt to differentiate for students who have a wide variety of needs and abilities.  For Menu, students are required to do three open ended questions.  They evaluate themselves and turn in their work each Friday.  If done early, there is a "dessert" of challenging and interesting math projects to work on.

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