Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Class Work for October 13th

Pt Vignette due Thursday
Students are writing a descriptive piece about an event in Port Townsend.  They can pick any "snapshot", but should focus on adding details and descriptions.

Multiplication X Tricks due Thursday
This week, we are focusing on single digit multiplication.  We are strengthening our strategies for these facts, but more importantly, our communication of mathematical ideas.

Read "Earth Movers" due Thursday
Students should read this National Geographic Explorers article.  Then, they should identify and write down the four main idea from the four sections of the article.

Tectonic Plate Lab due Thursday
We conducted a lab in class simulating tectonic plates.  Students pushed and pulled cardboard stacked with tiles to see what happens when plates collide.  They have a handout to fill in.

Earth Core due Thursday
For art, students are drawing a diagram of the different layers of Earth.

POW: Leon's Stamps due Thursday 
How much will it cost Leon to buy 3 sheets of stamps? 
Each stamp is 26 cents.  Those stamps come in 3x6 sheets.  The key to this assignment isn't in the math, but in the explanation of their strategies.

DGP:Week One due Thursday
We are starting a program called "Daily Grammar Practice."  On Monday, we identify the parts of speech.  On Tuesday, we identify the subject, predicate, and prepositional phrases.  On Wednesday, we rewrite the sentence with correct punctuation and grammar.  On Thursday, students write their own sentence, using the same grammatical structure.  On Friday, we diagram the sentence.  I can already tell, this is helping kids immensely with their writing AND their reading.

When reading non-fiction, ask your kids to summarize each paragraph.  Instead of, "What was that about?", ask them, "What was the subject?" or "What was the what?" that the entire paragraph was about.  This will tie in with writing and identifying the main idea in reading.

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