Monday, October 26, 2015

Work for the week of October 26th

 DGP 3 Due: Friday
More of our daily grammar.

 Bubble Maps x2 Due: Friday
We are practicing pre-writes without actually having to do the writing.  Do two bubble maps for your choice of game-related topics.

 Build a Mtn. Due: Friday
We are conducting the "Build a Mountain" lab on Tuesday.  These are the handouts that are involved.

 Poster Background Due: Friday
Table groups are working together to create a background for their geological era project.  The next step will be to draw pictures of plants and animals on index cards to cut out and put on the poster.

 Reading Journal Due: Friday
Students will do a reading entry for every chapter they read at home.  They should read 15-20 (every day) minutes every day.

 Math: POW Cubes Due: Friday
What is the volume of the first ten cubes in this sequence:  (1x1x1); (2x2x2); (3x3x3)...

 Math Assignment #2 Due: Friday
4th graders: pg. 7 and pg. 11
5th graders: pg. 3-4.


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