Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Classwork October 19

Lava Lake: 9 Main Ideas
Read "Lessons in Lava" and write down the main idea of each of the nine sections.

Vignette #2 RD
Make a "hand" prewrite (focus on description).
Write a one page description of your favorite place in Port Townsend.

3rd Art Project
We have done 1) earth core drawing.  We are finishing up 2) Pangea.  Now kids have a choice of which art projects to do for our Earth History Unit (check out the link to the right for more details).

Era Worksheet
We are beginning a mural project where students explore the different eras of geological time.  We will be making posters and kids will add plants and animals from each era.

Watershed Diagram
We are doing a brief demonstration where kids will draw a cross-section of a valley to show that they understand the concept of a watershed.

DGP week 1 + 2
We are on week two of Daily Grammar Practice

X tricks math
We have been talking about strategies for mastering the basic multiplication facts.

1st pages
After taking the pretest for unit 1, students will be identifying learning goals.  Then, working in groups, they will select work from their Bridges workbooks that target those goals.  The pages will differ, depending on the group.

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