Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Assignments: Nov. 16th 2015

Compare and contrast-fossils and crystals articles
Take notes in double bubble [due on 11/21/1]

Mountain + car + rough draft [11/21/15]
Students are learning pre-write models (the car and the mountain) to help them organize a short story.  They will write a rough draft this week.

TV trouble poster [11/21/15]
With a focus on group-work and presentations, students will create a team poster.
"Bob's dad starts binge-watching a TV show on Sunday at 3:30.  He is watching six seasons, eight episodes each, back to back to back.  No sleep.  No showers. Just TV.  Non.  Stop.  If every episode is 45 minutes long, on what day and at what time will he finish the entire series?

Group Work 2.1 [due on 11/21/15]
We are starting the next unit in Math.  Kids take the pretest today, then identify goals to work on in the coming weeks.

Earth - Art  11/21/15
We are wrapping up our unit on the history of Earth.  Kids have been doing art projects all along.  These are due (along with everything else) this Friday.

(Vocabulary 15 words) due date 11/21/15

DGP #5(due on 11/21/15)

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