Monday, November 9, 2015

work of Nov. 9th

Era Poster
Students are working in groups to put the plants and animals on their poster depicting different geological eras.

R- "Weirdest Wonders"
Students are reading an article from National Geographic Explorer and drawing a double-bubble map comparing and contrasting two geological features mentioned in the article.

R-10 Vocabulary words
Students are finishing the second batch of geology vocabulary from their "Earth History" unit.

POW:Baseball Box
Table groups are making a poster to answer this problem:
What is the smallest size of box (surface area) to hold 48 baseballs (each baseball is one unit cubed)?

GW-1.5 + 1.6
Groupwork 1.5 and 1.6 are choice pieces that students select using their pretest reflection sheet.  This can be their post-test.  Most students are finished with unit one and their post-test.  Fourth graders are doing some fifth grade work while the fifth graders finish up.

This is a science lab that explorers the effect of earthquakes on buildings.  We build "Jenga" towers on plates full of Jello.

ROL of life
We have been reading about evolution during our read aloud.  Students are taking notes on what they hear and writing reflections for each chapter in their reading journal.

W- Authors Night
Next Thursday (Nov. 19th, from 6pm-7pm) is the 7th Annual HAP Authors' Night.  Students have selected which piece to read and have been editing, revising, and finishing a final draft.

DGP #4
We started this one last week, but ran out of time and pushed it to this week.

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