Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Classwork: Nov. 2nd

Reading-  Fossil map:
read "Fossil Facts" in National Geographic Explorer
draw a bubble map that shows the structure of the article

Pick 5 Vocabulary words from Earth History unit to define and illustrate.
Stream Table: experiment on Friday; handout finished in class
R.O.L of Life: take notes in your reading journal on the read aloud.

Math- P.O.W Solid Size
Pick three of the lettered solid cards (in class).  Determine the volume and illustrate how you calculated each one.

Math Group Work #3 and #4 of Unit 1  (aka. MG 1.3 and MG 1.4)
Students use their pre-test data to set goals for themselves.  Then, they work  in small groups and agree on problem sets from the Bridges curriculum to work on those goals.

DGP #4

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